2017 the Year of My Rebirth

Well, here it is, the proverbial start of a new year post. I realize I’m about 2 months late but an awful lot has happened to me in such a short span of time and most of it not great. I will get back to that in a later post as it was a significant event that has changed my life. So I look ahead towards a hopefully altogether better year than the last. Not to say that 2016 was too bad of a year, but I could hardly say that it was the best.  I turn 25 this year, a whole quarter of a century old, and my hope is that this year might be the year I find some sort of purposeful direction in my life. I tire of the rather unfortunate stagnation I have found myself in since graduating nearly 3 years ago. It feels like I am in this limbo of a place and I’d very much like to move on.

I am well aware that my position is not uncommon in my generation. So many of us go through college with wild dreams of success only to have them wither away once “real life” begins.  Priorities shift and soon your dreams slip further and further away. Well, here I am saying no more. 2017 is going to be my year of Rebirth. From start to end, month by month I aim to finish this year by being a better version of myself than I am now.  To accomplish this I have decided to focus on smaller goals rather than the broader New Year’s resolution people so love to subscribe to during this time of year. Each month I plan to focus my efforts on a different self-improvement topic or theme that will guide me through my year of Rebirth. Of course, now that it is March I realize I’m already behind a bit but there is no time like the present to implement change! 

This month as Winter comes to a close and Spring is around the corner I aim to focus on a spring cleaning of all aspects of my life. My life has been feeling more and more cluttered so what better way to start a year of self-improvement than with a deep cleansing of the space in which I inhabit. For those of you who may know me personally or quite well, you’ll know this is actually a fairly difficult task for me. I am the queen of procrastination when it comes to cleaning my personal space and the tidiness or more often lack of, tends to reflect my stress levels. I also have a tendency to be a bit of a pack rat which makes for an unfortunate combination if I do say so myself.

So my dear readers (if there are any of you out there) what do you think about the idea of month by month goals? Do you subscribe to the notion of molding yourself piece by piece or are you more of a big picture kind of person?  Please comment below to share your thoughts!

I leave you all with a quote from one of the pioneers of comedic females Ms. Carol Burnett: “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”

Seems fitting doesn’t it? Well until next time,




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