Date Night

The meal was bland, the poorly chosen restaurant painfully quiet and listening to the sales manager Diana had set her up with was about as interesting as watching paint dry.

“Curled up in front of the TV watching a movie marathon is starting to look pretty good,” Piper thought drily as she took another sip of her wine, “It’s Tuesday, the new episode of Supernatural is on.  I could totally be catching up on that tonight.” Why her married friends insisted they set her up on blind dates was beyond her. She never asked them to they just did. Apparently being single meant that she was constantly in a state of depression that the only cure was for a man to be inserted into her life. Funny thing was that her married friends seemed to keep setting her up with the same guy, just his name would change.  This version’s name was Simon.

“…You wouldn’t believe the amount of phone calls I get a day about a single product,” Simon’s voice floated into her musings.  Piper looked up to see a cheesy grin he had plastered onto his face; Simon must have said something he thought incredibly amusing. She gave him a smile like she had actually been listening, “I bet, its amazing how one little thing can cause so much problems.”

“Exactly!” Simon’s grin widened, “So what about you? Anything at work a particular nuisance to deal with? Diana said you were a-“

“A wedding planner.” Piper quickly supplied. “What a stupid question, a particular nuisance? I work with meltdown queens on a daily basis what part of my job isn’t a “particular nuisance?” Piper so wanted to be mean at this moment, to end this awful date with a quick snarky comment, but she held her tongue replying only with, “I wouldn’t say there’s any particular nuisance, every bride comes with her own set of…problems.”

“That must be very frustrating. Diana said you don’t particularly like what you do, why do you stick with it then?” Simon had been parroting whatever Diana had apparently told him about her all night, Piper just wanted to scream at him.

“I’m good at what I do,” was the only thing she said on the matter, leaving them in this awkward silence. Could this night go any slower? The waiter finally came with the check, which Simon was nice enough to pay for.  Piper gave him points for actually being a gentleman.

They gathered their things and headed towards the door but as they stepped out into the cool night the sky light up red as buildings in the distance were suddenly lit up with blazing fire. Chaos erupted around them as sirens went off and people ran screaming down the streets. Simon looked panicked and pulled out his phone to furiously start dialing. Piper simply gazed at the burning sky above her and thought bitterly, “What a perfect ending.”


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